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As part of the Rappville Creative Recovery Project led by Arts Northern Rivers, this Photography Exhibition has provided an opportunity for the community of Rappville to tell and share their stories through images.

The idea for this exhibition came out of a photography workshop delivered in Rappville by professional photographer, Jaka Adamic. The question of what to do with all the pictures led to the idea for a community wide photography exhibition open to everyone in Rappville. The call out to send in any images has been heard and a large number of local community members have shared their powerful photographs.

If a picture tells a thousand words, this collection of photographs tells so many stories of Rappville. Each image tells a story of fire, community, rebuilding, hope, history, beauty, landscape, recovery and place. It is a collection that captures the story and heart of Rappville.

Thank you to all the Rappville photographers who sent in the many images you see here. A huge thank you to Signarama in Casino for printing and installing the exhibition, Lyndall Phelps for help in curating the images, the Arts Northern Rivers team and to you for taking time to come and view this incredible collection of photographs.

The Photography Exhibition will be open from 3PM FRIDAY 29 OCTOBER - 6PM SUNDAY 31 OCTOBER and insatalled along the Rappvilel Tennis Court fence. 


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